Lizard Squad saga – From online game console service to Tor

Many of the gamers including us have already known the incident that had been on-going for days and that the services were compromised multiple times thanks to those fucking idiots who are called the members of Lizard Squad. Even if there’s a political reason for those attacks, they shouldn’t have done that multiple times and it’s seriously wrong. Since there wasn’t a proper reason for those attacks, it seems to us that they deserve to be sent to jail for this kind of cyber-stupidity. We already know what the other famous hacking groups are in which they are capable of doing advanced attacks on certain services just for the sake of freedom or something but that doesn’t mean they can be FREAKING TRUSTED.

Oh, even the Tor service itself has been under attack as well but we don’t care about that anymore as we already knew that it is no longer secure and it is being cyber-penetrated by those cyber-spying agencies. But sooner or later, those idiots who attacked both the Xbox Live and PSN will be arrested as they deserve for that recent attack as well. Perhaps, those spies already know what they did to Tor besides those two gaming services. Of course, their begging might be childish too like they wanted other hacking groups to leave their family alone and especially that they came crying to Mega founder for a trade of the MegaPrivacy voucher. Wish I can get that kind of voucher since I aim for higher privacy like an adult and have been taking actions online for freedom. Of course, I’m not the only one who does the action taking for price-sake. The other people are doing the same for same freedom. Even if we’re not from US or any other country, we still have to fight for freedom lest our country ends up like those one day. I despise anything bad that goes against cyber-security, I despise those cyber-penetration/compromising groups like those idiots I mentioned above including SEA if you will, so the companies should do something to protect their consumers and prevent the similar incidents from happening again in the future.

So, if this cyber-stupid-ness happens again next time, then someone will do the verbal bashing on Lizard Squad for himself on the side or corner of the internet. Nobody knows how but we can assume that the bashing is actually a bunch of verbal insults thrown at the group and even then, nobody still cares for that shit.


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