Hour of Code

Hour of Code was the educational event organized by the US President globally to encourage people in all ages to learn on how to write the code. Whether you’re a pre-tertiary school student, a post-tertiary school student like you’re already an employee or perhaps a university student, you should be able to join this event not in case you have forgotten on coding but the better thing is that you should be able to learn other programming languages you have not learnt before. It may be a must for those studying Computer Science but it should be the same for Computer Engineers as well since there may be subjects related to programming in addition to various Computer Science related subjects.

Many companies were involved in the event such organizers, tutors, etc. although there might be idiots at Microsoft Learning or something teaching people on how to make the game that is something like that stupid Fl**py Bird through coding and other ways of game creations such as Construct2 for example which was educationally part of MVA Jump Starts. Stop teaching me in making that kind of casual game! I don’t appreciate gameplay that is both unusual and terrible at the same time. It can be unusual which is fine and I have seen games like that but making it stupidly terrible is as a no-no as that stupid Fl***y Bird is unacceptable! Stop that bullshit! It’s a bad influence on learners unless you want to organize the stupidest gaming creation class you call it the perfect one that teaches you on how to make terrible gameplay, plagiarize people’s contents and then tell people to clone and advertise that shit.

But in the end, there may be other parts of Microsoft I still can trust including Microsoft Virtual Academy which is something I’m still supporting and I had learnt other programming languages like Javascript for instance. There was also the lesson on coding with Disney’s Frozen but the interface was making coding way too easy for fun as if you probably want to redo this lesson the hard way. But doing that the hard way might give you even harder time to figure out as if the patterns might look more complicated to make than you had done the previous coding exercises on forming patterns.

It was a fun event I had joined but my studies never end that I’ll keep on self-learning stuffs.


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