4th Konami Arcade Championship and other events

What’s a year for Bemani without KAC? It seems that the tournament had already started from this month to two months where the finals are taking place at JAEPO or something. In addition to that, there are already newer events that are coming in such as Power of Nature which requires one of Pop N Music Lapistoria songs to be unlocked in one of Bemani games as well as a different song from the same game that is to be unlocked in a different Bemani game and so on and Qpronicle Chord Phase 1 which is another Lincle Kingdom kind of event that is tedious to complete. Perhaps, you may be better off waiting for that event to be completely over or maybe finding other ways to unlock the remaining songs like I already unlocked all remaining Tricoro songs through Discover, Bemani Ruins event. Another thing for Power of Nature event is that the songs from various Bemani games will have to be unlocked to be playable in Pop N Music Lapistoria. Pretty much, the songs from that event are likely to be composed by wac/PON. Lastly, the two bonus tracks from IIDX Spada OST Vol. 2 are finally playable in IIDX Pendual without having to buy that soundtrack CD so that you can make use of the serial code number to do so.

And as of this writing, I had already finished the arrangement of Realize Maze from Pop N Music Lapistoria although I don’t happen to be interested in the series visual-wise. Also, I pretty much gave up on the Chrono Seeker event before the days of KAC Preliminary Rounds started in favor of attempting the remaining songs I need to. I won’t be at the arcades again until sometime next month.


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