Facebook’s new privacy policy is postponed?

Whatapps had already enabled encryption for their service that protects users’ privacy using the TextSecure technology but it looks like the lessons given to Facebook look like the pieces of lies. The new privacy policy planned by Facebook is about using photos and data of the users for the sake of advertisement or any other technical bullshit motive we can guess of and in return, allowing the companies behind their websites that are linked to Facebook to do the same. You think that Microsoft is going to do this bullshit in their accord next month with this policy? What about the other tech giants that are on Microsoft’s side, huh?

The new plan will be effective starting next month but it seems that the same Dutch privacy watchdog, CBP has order Facebook to delay it as part of the investigation of the current one. The investigation can take months but even then, the privacy of the Facebook users is already violated with like what, no stronger encryption protection plans or something. You know what, they’ve fu**** it up, and it may be why they’re told by CBP to delay this new bullshit!


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