Bike delivery by Amazon

Delivery by drone is a more complicated idea as untrained remote controllers may not know what they’re doing when moving the drones containing the items straight to the users’ destination. Another complication is the size of the flying drone as well as the amount of noise it can make which may be annoying to various places like the national parks and public libraries. How does a drone carry various goods to the users like that? The last problem is that there may be places that have the anti-drone weapons planned for operation in the near-future that are designed to take down the enemy drones or something so that the enemies are prevented from knowing the core of the base. So, this idea isn’t going to be that great overall as it sounds quite complicated that Amazon has scrapped it.

So sticking back to other ways of deliveries, Amazon has come up with the bike delivery method that delivers goods with bikes. Of course, ti may be a hard work for delivery people riding the bikes containing the large amount of goods to the destination and especially for the look of the place. At least, it’s a better idea than using drones to deliver the goods.

Another truth is that US Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t approve the use of drones for purposes like that and various complications as I think of may likely to be the reasons for that. Other companies like Uber and Google are doing the same kinds of deliveries as well in which Uber does bike delivery besides the car delivery and the bike delivery service began way back in April.


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