Street Fighter V controversy?

OK, sure are many fighter games out there on Playstation 3 and Vita in addition to the arcades. Some of those are pretty much on the PC and Xbox 360 in addition to Playstation 3 and the arcades but now, it looks like things are starting to change with Sony console exclusivity. Many of those like Under Night In Birth Exe:Late, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, Blazblue Chrono Phantasma, Chaos Code and of course, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, are likely to be on Sony consoles. It may not be because the Xbox series consoles are like struggling in Japan or something but rather, the contents may not be suitable for western releases. If you probably long for those releases in the western regions in addition to Asia releases, good for us although not all people may appreciate such kinds of those games previously released in the arcades before their console ports. Of course, there may be other arcade fighters we don’t know of and especially that there may be newer ones coming in next year and it should be the same for SF V.

Speaking of SF V, it looks like there may be controversies regarding the bad business techniques from Capcom. Wasn’t the on-disc DLC bullshit quite controversial enough for them? Why isn’t there the Xbox One release? This franchise is not like those fighting games I mentioned above. It is a popular franchise globally. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re playing those on! Why is this missing out various ports like the Xbox One and arcade ports? That’s not the right thing Capcom Japan does! There was USF IV on PC, consoles and of course the arcades but outside of Japan, the arcades are still having SSF IV instead. Combined with all editions, the whole SF IV is sold in millions of copies.

But then, it looks like the producer had budget issues last year or something but that doesn’t mean they can make games with no money. So is it Microsoft’s fault for whatever they had done for Xbox One that many of those games are Playstation exclusives? What about the gamers outside of Japan, is there any platform equality whatsoever like there will be Xbox One release in addition to Playstation 4 and PC releases outside that? This target platform plan is misleading all the way up to the global ass!

And what’s unnecessary is the Playstation 4 release of USF IV. What’s the point of this is there’s no graphical remakes whatsoever for Ultra edition? At least for the upcoming SF V, the graphics are kind of new although things still look like SF IV by the way. There may be opponents bouncing on the ground when knocked away and of course, the scenery damage like other previous fighting games including stage transition. What else? There are some lightings and reflections to the effects but then, realistic effects are expected when fighters throw off their projectiles. Other impressions include the Cross-Play feature which is easily implemented for Nintendo and Sony consoles although the Microsoft one is kind of difficult or something in which you’ll need your Windows 8 or 8.1 device connected to Xbox 360 or One for such kind of Cross-Play gaming.

Lastly, you should be playing like a grown up gamer, not throwing profanities or saying stupid things at anyone for nothing. Such kinds of behaviors like the system-war thingy for example may make you pathetic like Angry Joe already mentioned in his rant. Speaking of that rant, the official trailer is pretty much in the Playstation official account which may be fine but what’s not fine is the trailer video posted by others on YouTube. Such videos posted by others were flagged on Capcom Japan’s own accord and that is unspeakably stupid. Why the decision on making this Sony console exclusive in addition to the PC release in the first place? I mean this is not like those fighting games I mentioned above but such business decisions to the other fans may be wrong and bullshit.

Oh, there’s going to be SF V involvement in the Capcom Cup in a few days? Who knows what the reactions will be like when they see this? At least, this is less controversial overall than the on-disc DLC bullshit.


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