Customers sue Comcast for turning home routers into public hotspots

Well, if that wasn’t quite offensive enough against the freedom of everything in America, it seems that that Devilcast is doing things even worse than ever that you may end up bashing on it on the back of their vans, trucks or whatever in the digital way. The home routers as people in America know of have been tampered with and turned into public Wi-Fi hotspots like the whole town or neighborhood is like a zoo or perhaps a land of the devils from hell. This bullshit is basically the complete violation and invasion of customers’ privacy and it’s seriously a technical damage to the environment like I can imagine that they’re violating the Environmental Protection Act with the stupidest technical plan everyone in the globe has ever seen. How do you opt-out of this bullshit though? Well, only the Crapcast customers should know and find a way to opt-out if available. Otherwise, it may be assumed that there’s no way to do so like this kind of bullshit continues to be worse in every way every time.

And the worse imagination of ours is that they may be really an ignorant company to their customers and any complaint is equal to them giving the complainers the middle fingers, telling them to stop whining or something although the customer service is still terrible. Nobody knows when will these evil plans come to an end so that the customers can leave in peace.


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