Comcast X Time Warner acquisition bullshit (With bullshit promotion?)

You can pretty much know that whatever that is said in the advertisements organized by that Idiotcast is total lies and bullshit. That may be because they may be trying to ruin the hell out of net neutrality in the US and their company has been the most dispised one by US customers for terrible customer service. So, who are the only supporters left, huh? The staff and other companies related to that abomination?

This has been the stupid way to treat the customers as if they’ve been ill-treating and ignoring the hell out of their customers with the awful service they foolishly call it the good and friendly one which their useless claims are absolute bullshit! For those who are not the customers of that horrible US ISP, good for them because whether the users use that ISP or the other, they have already dispised Shitcast to the core and that the opposition of the merging process is getting strong coming from people around the globe.

Even if this may affect the US citizens, it is still a global news that people around the globe may know what’s going on and such abomination like the poor customer service for example is something people don’t like.


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