Beatmania IIDX and SDVX III Gameplay Report – December 2nd

It was a normal day with some Beatmania IIDX and SDVX gameplay progress regarding Chrono Seeker, Skill Analyzer and songs of SDVX I and III until I saw my mentor, Nex Cyanic, in the arcades the second time. I might assume that he would have work in the evening or something after this but it looks like he was showing me his playing along with the progress of having to stack up buildings in order to unlock the new songs in DDR. The event was explanatory for me.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake twice in trying to get the blue crystal on the third row in the present phase for Chrono Seeker and that was a waste of 8 credits in progressing anything. Also, another unfortunate thing was that I failed one of the Level 12 Exhaust songs on the first freaking stage in SDVX.

After the release of SDVX III, it may seem that I have the goals of attempting as many Level 12 songs as I can from SDVX I and III. Level 11 and below, for some reason, I don’t seem to have any interesting in attempting those songs that fall under those levels but here comes the downside of the original SDVX. The original SDVX doesn’t have the playfield tilting in comparison to its sequel everytime you use the corresponding knobs and it wasn’t as fun as SDVX II onwards without that but having to tilt the playfield for every use of knobs, I may have to do my tilting as well like trying to make sure that I don’t miss anything. Another problem is the normal notes + laser notes in which I still have yet to figure out and especially when going one handed for buttons/keys and the other for knobs is needed for SDVX.

And after this report, there may be some Vocaloid songs that have made it to SDVX III I’m planning to arrange as well in addition to songs from Jubeat Saucer Fulfill, Reflec Beat Groovin Upper, Beatstream, etc.


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