Arcade trip – December 1st

It was totally a fine trip to the arcades at Bugis Junction although Beatmania IIDX and Gitadora were entirely hogged continuously that I wasn’t able to take any turn to play them until I saw something offensive on the social networking site about something that affected some MRT train and this time, it was about the broken glass of the train that no one else noticed while it was travelling between City Hall and Bugis. I might suspect that some fat disaster idiot guy who was actually my fat wailing secondary school classmate living in Bedok 418 must be mysteriously behind this as I don’t probably believe that this can happen by nature’s will. It might be someone’s mysterious actions that caused the glass to crack while the train was still in the tunnel.

What a bullshit vandalism that was called a natural vandalism! This is some kind of bullshit nobody cares of! Not even I care for his bullshit motives as well! And of course, not even most of the news might care for this useless vandalism bullshit like nobody may know what is going to happen in nature in the future!


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