Online analytics system, Gigya, compromised by SEA

Well, we probably can’t tolerate what those research-less assholes did to Microsoft the last time while Microsoft was already planning to increase the security level for Outlook and Onedrive. Like how many times do I have to mention those two recently encrypted services? There were already rants of mine about that cyber-compromising group from Syria and yet they have the guts to attack a different company this time which is Gigya.

Gigya is the online analytics system that tracks user behavior for marketing purposes and many companies have been using it perhaps for the sake to see how many users are using their products and services and so for so that they can share the usage results within the organization or something.

CERTAIN SITES like Logitech, Dell UK, PC World, etc. were compromised last month! Who knows if they were quickly restored? And Syrian Electronic Army or SEA is some group that nobody supports for their research-less bullshit attacks the last time and nobody knows what the next target will be in the future.


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