Facebook updates terms of usage and lets users opt-out of app usage tracking

While Apple and Google were recently taking initiatives into having hardware encryption enabled on IOS 8 and Android 5 by default that tells the stupid cyber-spies to technically shut the hell up and stop complaining like whining babies saying like this kind of encryption lets whatever criminals do whatever they want unnoticed, it may seem the Facebook is finally having the opt-out option for app usage tracking for the sake of PRIVACY. Not to mention that even Twitter is planning the same thing which can be opted out as well.

Like Twitter whose tracking features can be opted out by the users, this is the probably the chance for people to opt-out the tracking features for Facebook as well but before this update exists for Facebook, they already had tons of data collected illegally and that they already learnt the lesson the last time on not to collect stuffs like that technically for research, advertisement or any other bullshit purposes of their own. Users might end up bashing on Facebook if they continued that sort of bullshit but thanks to user feedbacks and various actions of freedom taken, it seems that they decided to take this recent initiative to enable the opt-out feature for the app itself in addition to the Privacy Check-Up tool which popped up on you when you visit that website again.

This official update by Facebook has not better be a lie or the online bashing on Facebook by the users may continue throughout the street.


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