Net-neutrality in EU

Last time, there was some emergency protest in the US regarding the net neutrality there probably due to the fact that the FCC Chairman turned the response of comments into a middle-finger-like lie. There were also some evidences that he might be working with the US telecoms in social networking and other ways of communication. That may be difficult to decide the real net neutrality at this moment for the US but doing nothing and taking no actions for freedom at times are not the option because evil conquest may happen any time without people’s knowledge and that more citizens may end up in some trouble for no reasons. But thankfully, people around the globe surely know what net-neutrality is about and especially for its importance that they are willing to help. Another important thing is the freedom of other countries that are already falling victim for people who don’t live there that they may want to help out in a possible way lest their countries they’re living in may end up like those.

The concerns for net-neutrality may or may not be exactly the same as the ones in the US when it comes to net-neutrality for EU. There may be fears that the government and the ISPs there may do something to water down the goddamn net-neutrality in the EU but then, it may seem that people need to know deep down on which ones are supporting it, which ones are opposing it.

Of course, there may be some retarded fanboys of the ISPs that are trying to go against net-neutrality. Not to mention that there may be people who are really or acting clueless about it that its supporters including the other parts of the internet may end up disliking them as if they may be told to get lost from making anymore speeches or something.


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