Beatmania IIDX Pendual – Chrono Seeker Progress

You know, I’m frankly sick of those in-game events that require too much of grinding which is an extremely tedious thing in video games. The tedious ones as I knew of were probably Omega Attack, Our war of the worlds, Qprogue and of course, the freaking Tri-Wars or whatever that name in short form is which is based on the previous one. They were so tedious that they could eat up lots of money for tons of credits and it might be the fact that I did not have time to contribute to such bullshit like them trying to unlock additional stuffs.

Chrono Seeker is probably something like Legend Cross because you can follow the requirements to unlock additional songs. I’m already making closer progress all the way to facing Symmetry and Broken Sword. As of the recent update, for Symmetry, you should play two any Nekomata Master songs in Present phase in any difficulty so that you can unlock all the crystals for it regardless of whichever difficulty you chose. It’s the same for Neo Generator Seven but the problem is that the last three boss songs are highly difficult in Hyper as they are in Level 10.

Perhaps, I was much nerdier than before this year that I eventually take some time to go to the arcades even after the previous vacation but it doesn’t mean that my studies and gaming are over after that time of serious level up from taking more than a year of self-studies and note-taking of some superior course I already mentioned the last time which is beyond what some shit school I’m in has even today. This may result in faster progress but like always, there may be people there playing those games as well so timing and respect must be quite right if I want to get a chance of playing them at the arcades again.


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