Sound Voltex III Gravity Wars

The gameplay in this sequel may have the laser beams go off track as well as the various camera adjustments like zooming in and out and even causing the whole thing to shake when zipping through the laser beam horizontally to the left or right. The trickier thing is that the laser beams can start in any position besides end in any position too so you may need to assign the arrow-shaped pointer or whatever that thing is to where those beams start. How did those people mimic this new gameplay while the game was still in development? The only official revealing so far is the game trailer and the game’s official site.

OK, I still have some remaining Lincle, Tricoro and Pendual songs to deal with that I didn’t have much focus on Sound Voltex as the main game in terms of my own goals but it may seem that I had attempted even more Skill Analyzer courses. Needless to say, any song with pop idol concert-like features or perhaps the Denpa-like features is trying to confuse the hell out of me and especially for certain songs notecharted by PHQUASE who is some person we cannot forgive. Speaking of that notecharter, he had also made a song for Beatmania IIDX starting with Spada as well as made some song for Reflec Beat as well. You may bet that those songs in other games by him may be as unforgivable as the ones in Sound Voltex as well but the ones I find unforgivingly difficult in Beatmania IIDX will be the ones made by L.E.D.


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