Microsoft Movie Creator for Windows Phone and Windows 8

Both Windows Phone and Windows 8 are already struggling with the amount of good apps out there in comparison to IOS and Android which already have their own movie maker apps. Desktop apps like Windows Live Movie Maker and third-party ones don’t count as we’re talking about the Modern UI ones in which Windows Phone is heavily struggling with. What about the photo enhancement app for Windows Phone? I may assume that Windows 8 already has one with some third party apps which may be Photoshop Express or any other app that does the photo editing and enhancement as seen in the Windows App Store.

The worse thing is that there isn’t any video editing app that isn’t free entirely but this one surely arrives too late, leaving Windows Phone itself to be crippled due to lack of certain apps and games. Perhaps, it may be one of the on-going problems with Windows Phone as of today but we’re not sure if the upcoming Windows 10 is going to cause additional good reasons to have more of those apps. As of Technical Preview days, nobody knows what the smartphone version of Windows 10 looks like.

There may be Themes for the videos in Movie Creator which may look like some sort of templates similar to the ones in third-party video editing programs and that feature is already part of Xbox One Upload Studio. I don’t know if Playstation 4 has its own video editor app but editing a video like that on a home console is kind of awkward compared to using the portable touch screen devices for video editing which may have some ease. Perhaps, even the Playstation Vita should have its own video editor and photo enhancement apps as well as they can be comfortable in media editing thanks to the touch screen.


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