Jolla tablet

Now, this one may look like a good opportunity for people to use this tablet in the future next year. It may be a less expensive alternative to various expensive Android and IOS tablets but I may assume that this is going to cost $200+ in my local country when it arrives. Nobody knows when but it may seem that the arrival may be much later than that.

From this article for comparison,, the display and battery may be smaller than any other devices compared there and the processor surely puts Ipad Mini 3 to shame. The common thing is that it uses the same resolution and aspect ratio as Ipad series devices so it may look like you’re playing Android games on this thing disguised as Ipad games.

Like always, it uses the Sailfish OS that supports Android apps but before the release can happen, there should already be a full support for Android apps or there may be some inexcusable disappointment like OnePlus already did to their customers with some bullshit invitation system that nobody wants to buy their phones like that. Such the price and announcement like these are what we can prove on how well Jolla can do in their jobs although this may look like a secret technical work from them.


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