‘Dirtbox’ device used in planes to spy on cell phones

Since 2k7, the flight used to do the spying had been on-going on the regular basis perhaps to detect the entire place of US for criminals. The ‘Dirtbox’ device poses as the fake cell phone tower similar to other cell phone towers that can be used to reveal the locations of the normal users and criminals. These devices have been used in Cessna aircrafts that operatre from five metropolitan airports around the city. But the downside is that it has the ability to disrupt phone calls which may be an unexpectedly bad idea for people being involved in the accidents like their vehicle is knocked against by another vehicle in which they are seriously hurt for example. And even then , this kind of spying has sparked another concern for the US citizens who want proper privacy.

However, there may be those who don’t give a fuck about being spied in multiple ways and that they should as well know how serious the violation of privacy is before trying to stop those who are concerned about privacy violation.


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