US Net Neutrality update – Internet to be classified as utility

Netflix CEO being arrogant, someone from AT&T said? Perhaps, AT&T and Verizon were like the recent fat liars or some sort that they had their guts to oppose the fuck out of the US Net Neutrality with the stupid amount of cyber-spying that has been on-going for days. It’s one big global news about things being done right this time for the US people. Many people around the globe including us surely know this. The US ISPs must make sure that the service is available to civilians. Not to mention that service blockage or throttling is NOT allowed! This makes internet open and fair to the US and that in the future, the similar rules of fairness should apply to other countries as well.

However, the big US ISPs are still the US civilians’ bigger enemies when it comes to proper Net Neutrality but with the help of US president, there will be some hopes for the real Net Neutrality to come. YouTube video:


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