Android and IOS having lack of openness?

Android may be open-source but the true open-source is likely to be Cyangenmod itself. IOS may be closed-source although it is based on Unix and it’s the same story for Mac OSX series OSes. The real reason on why Mozilla slams the hell out of Android and IOS is probably the favor of users’ privacy and that Apple and Google are slammed by Mozilla over irresponsible business behavior when it comes to cyber-security. It may turn out that the encryption feature in IOS may be a lie or something but the real controversy as we have discovered is that Mac OSX Yosemite has features that invade your privacy. It’s as shameful as Unity 7 for Ubuntu today but there’s a promise from Canonical that Unity 8 will REMOVE the CONTROVERSY they had caused. Bravos to Canonical for this and hopefully, Unity 8 will be part of Ubuntu Touch and TV in addition to future standard Ubuntu releases.

Today with Firefox, it seems that Mozilla has been questioning you on what technical concern do you have today when using it like, are you concerned about privacy, for instance. Yes, we may be concerned about privacy so we answer things to Mozilla about it and install a bunch of extensions in our Firefox browser and fall under User Privacy Concern category.

Firefox OS is going to change the hell out of everything? Who knows? There’s also Ubuntu Touch which is also under development at the time. But in the meantime, you can obviously go Linux-ing or even Cyangenmod OS for the sake of OS security. If you’re an Ubuntu user like me, ditch Unity 7 completely.

But bear in mind that I still have stuffs to work on personally on the Windows OS besides Ubuntu as the similar software library for Linux surely lacks whatever we need.


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