Microsoft Office made free for mobile devices

Having Office 365 subscription for this is a big no-no for the users but it may seem that we have been using Microsoft Office on the desktop/laptop which still looks as standard as ever for that device as if it is still touch unfriendly on the tablet devices as there are like too many buttons to pick from no matter how large the spacing and interface can be. It was like a disaster for the tablet users back then when it comes to Office 2k13 and 365 but now, it looks like Microsoft is trying to improve Microsoft Office Online and Mobile versions so that they can be suited for mobile devices. Also, the mobile version is highly limited without Office 365 subscription and having to buy the subscription as the in-app purchase is kind of bullshit!

At least, Microsoft has done things right this time by having all the features available for use in the free version of Microsoft Office for mobile devices but it’s still not the same for business users as they will still be required to use the Office 365 subscription. Not to mention that they have to be using Onedrive and Dropbox Business Editions which give them additional features. Hell, there’s also the Office support for Dropbox in which you can edit the documents stored in your Dropbox storage online through Office Online similar to what you can do in Onedrive although Dropbox is still the best one to use in everyone’s opinion.

The Iphone version was already out last year with the Ipad version out this year. In the future, there will be new Android and Windows touch versions as well as the new Microsoft Office for standard computers that will be coming in as well although for Windows 10 devices, we don’t know how Microsoft Office will switch in between modes automatically like between Touch and Standard Modes, that is. The Touch mode should bring you to the Modern UI version when the device is in tablet mode while the Standard mode should bring you to the standard desktop version when the device is in laptop mode. Perhaps, the switching behavior is somewhat based on how web browsers do for Windows 8 devices but I expect it to be automatic in software when you switch in between two modes.


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