Changes to Virtualand at Bugis Junction – November 7th

So, the so-called internship had started last month that we may expect to go back late after that but unfortunately, we only had one project to do and we don’t know if we’re dragging any longer than that. It turns out that having multiple projects to do is one good thing we should have to keep ourselves busy but the problem kicked in for me is that I have only one assigned project and other projects which turn out to be the personal ones which are kind of inappropriate to work on in the first place. Another problem is that we may have harder time figuring out the proper information needed for every phase of the project we do but everytime we do, we may tend to get stuck like it’s totally hands-off which is a bad idea. We don’t want to waste any time by the lack of progress in anything at all such costs.

Then, two days ago, I eventually went to the arcades again after that but it turned out that the train ride was like dragging even longer due to various mechnical problems on the track or maybe there was another train quite closer to the current one. It might be an expensive trip but it could also mean that I would have gone back home even later after that at night. Once arrived at the arcades, it turned out that we are able to use the arcade center cards again as the replacement to using the coins as the credits due to the promotion about getting 50 credits will give us additional 50 credits for free.

The real part kicked in when I unlocked the second song from Chrono Seeker event after the time I unlocked the first one. Unfortunately, I failed it due to the amount of scratch notes and a bunch of other notes combined for killer patterns. It has been like this for other songs but the terms like this can be applied to other rhythm games so be on the lookout for such kinds of songs like that. Since I failed the second event song, there may be some assumed chance that I won’t be able to unlock the third row or something that I may have to re-attempt that again.

Lastly is the changes at the arcades. Apparently, Future Tom Tom was taken away to some unknown location and Groove Coaster machines were placed near the escalator. It probably meant that the kids were able to temper with Groove Coaster machines as I saw one bashing the buttons while playing it. Thanks to those motherfucking itchy little kids for tampering with game machines like that. Now, we can pinpoint that the little kids may be at fault for tampering with the Groove Coaster machines when mechnical problems happen like that.


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