Tor support for Facebook

Great, now the protection of privacy with Tor may turn out to be a lie when it comes to Tor support for Facebook. The first thing is that Tor is no longer secure that various agencies and governments are already doing something to tackle the hell out of this service due to the controversial fact that even the cyber-criminals are using this tool for illegal activities in addition to good people like us using it for privacy purposes. Second thing is that Facebook is planning to have Tor support for it but we don’t know if we can trust this kind of announcement as if we can think that this may be a lie. Adding Tor support for Facebook like that is like they’re ensuring that cyber-criminals using Tor can be more easily tracked through various Facebook accounts. Not to mention that they may be extending the power of spying and lies with this excuse.

In fact, if you have known the previous news on Neowin in which I have been blogging about based on the discovery, you should have already heeded Microsoft’s warning that Tor is no longer safe to use although I don’t know if the new version has improved security or not that will make Microsoft approve the true use of it. Better still, use the freaking Aviator as the alternative.


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