Smart TV Security Controversy

In fact, the smartwatches and Internet of Things will be the next victims of illegal data collection for good people like us! So everything you’ve done even with other indecent stuffs will be collected and transmitted to the third-party. Even if you’ve disabled some data collection options, the data collection thing is still intact as if the companies are betraying everyone! Had LG even come up with the new firmware that prevented that controversy from happening?

And of course, we don’t know what brand and model this owner has owned although there may be serious concerns about illegal data collection that has been on-going. This link as brought to us by Neowin should have you to find out:

This is what that owner has mentioned everything about and for smartwatches and Internet of Things, it may be true that even those devices will be the next victims by the time they are announced. Of course, there may be bunches of ARMED CRYING ASSHOLES who want the encryption gone completely in the new IOS 8 and Android 5.0! TALK ABOUT ILLEGAL-SPYING FANS WORKING THERE AGAINST US AND TECH GIANTS! Of course, for Android 5.0, we don’t know if the TVs, smartwatches and Internet of Things devices running it will be considered encrypted for privacy protection. Otherwise, be better off with standard house furniture, standard TVs and standard watches that nobody will know unless you want to expand the spy-fest like a corrupted technical user that you may end up betraying everyone.


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