Microsoft Band (Smartwatch, the controversial future of technology in terms of security?)

Well, it can’t be helped if you’re trying to accept the objective of improving yourself physically with the endless Health and Fitness related technical activities like the smartwatches themselves as if your fitness records are being tracked and recorded down for whatever objectives you’re trying to fulfill. Also, the smartwatches are kind of expensive to buy as well similar to other smart devices. However, what makes all smart devices dumb in terms of security is that there are some malwares and backdoor somewhere inside the hardware and software of the smart devices that eventually track you down. This has been going too far and evil like trying to detect and capture bad guys. And in fact, if the security controversy is not enough for Android Wear and Apple Watch, here’s something you should think twice before buying as well, Microsoft Band.

Perhaps, smartwatches are the next thing to avoid if you want to be safe from that on-going cyber-spying stupidity but when it comes to Health and Fitness services for smartwatches, there should be trackers no matter what. And what is the new Microsoft CEO for when it comes to Microsoft Band that is available in the US? Speaking of regions, it is US only! Another thing they have come up with is Microsoft Health which has the Intelligence Engine that tracks you down of your Health and Fitness activities. But what makes you avoid this service at all costs is that it also tracks down your sleep, food and even other health related activities as well. It’s kind of useful for avoiding eating too much for example or maybe you need some balance in your drinking habit like trying to keep yourself healthy.

Lastly, another controversial thing about smartwatches is that they can also be used for piracy and other illegal purposes. To prevent that, maybe there shouldn’t be sound recording feature on smartwatches to prevent illegal recording of whatever movies people watch. Sure, the microphone feature can be kept intact for voice commands but for Microsoft Band, we’re not sure what its OS is.

Battery-wise, the device is a little bit better than Apple Watch but Samsung Galaxy Gear series has better performance and battery life due to different OS that it doesn’t take up so much resources.


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