Google should change mission statement?

So, where did the “Don’t do evil” slogan come from? Was that a fake slogan come up by some organization of freedom? Did any other tech giant come up with that slogan or some sort? Or maybe Google came up with it themselves before there is a proper mission statement? It doesn’t matter, many people and organizations might have claimed that Google is already doing some bad things.

Firstly, the privacy invasion ever since a few years ago that Microsoft was bashing on them because of that although the Google fanboys were defending Google with a couple of trolls to be launched at Microsoft for that attack but obviously, it was until last year where everyone realized that Google was really doing wrong and we don’t know if Google had admitted to this invasion.

Second, some individual claim from some man indicated that Google was doing things worse in invading people’s privacy but then, it may seem that there may be other agencies even worse than that this year as if *BI is pretty much planning to defeat the new encryption system Google and Apple are implementing for their mobile OS as well as the one Microsoft implemented for their Outlook and Onedrive by simply learning how to hack and temper with people’s computers they take for cyber-criminals. You can be on the look out for that stupidity but it’s already a news after all. Not to mention that the this new privacy violation plan affects the entire globe and even if you have Tor, you’re still spied.

Third, the YouTube content ID system that was changed in a screwed up way that annoyed the hell out of the users as well as the worthless Scroogle Plus in which nobody uses and everybody hates.

Sure, the Android 5.0 and Gmail encryptions are the right things Google is planning but we don’t know if this is going to take effect. Even if it does quickly, there may be chances that even the new encryption is not going to help thanks to some wailing-babies acting like brave business people and not wanting real encryption in the first place. They also have their guts to troll on this real encryption like little kids saying that it is for criminals to use or something. Sure, there may be fanboys of those spying agencies that establish those kinds of troll comments on various websites but sooner or later, those comments are kind of pointless anyway.

Lastly, the change of the mission statement should be a condition that Google does things good again but it should also mean that various controversies should be GONE completely so that more people will use Google services in the future.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Google

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