PhotoMath (Controversial educational app?)

Sure looks technically experimental to solve the mathematics problems for you but if the problems to us are manageable, you don’t want to use this app at such kinds of moments like this as it is looking like you’re cheating in doing your homework with this app. If that’s the case of more retarded cheaters that will be attracted in the future thanks to this app, then the schools should ban this kind of app like this. All it does is to give you solutions instantly to whatever mathematical problems you’re facing. You’re better off getting solutions from your teachers, professors, friends or even tutors instead of this future controversy. They’re basically dumbing down future students with this app no matter how many functional features it has in solving many types of mathematical problems.

Oh, difficult topics like calculus, multi-variable algebraic expressions? You should still be better off looking for solutions in the non-technical way because this kind of app is like a tool for cheaters to me. We want the proper learning tools in the world of technology, not the tools or features that attract cheaters. Genius people and hardworking learners won’t be happy when they discover this controversial app.


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