Facebook being sued by Room, Inc. for stealing idea

You know, there have been rip-off products like this being recently released by Facebook and people who know the products that came out first in the past are not happy about that. However, there may be childish faggots that claim that those past products are the ripoffs of the recent ones without any research whatsoever. They may be absolute fools for that that we may have to keep a lookout for them. What we can do is to mark their claims/trolls for spam or something indecent until they have made their behavior and attitude good by researching. They should learn on researching stuffs on their own without any help. It’s just easy to do so online to know which one came up with such product first in the past. However, the companies that came up with theirs first may end up coming up with the features that are the rip-offs of the recent products’ similar features and that’s one downside that ruins the purpose of anything original.

Bear in mind about the rip-offs that contain too much unoriginal contents, this may be the right time to sue the ones behind those like what Facebook is being sued for stealing idea. They surely have screwed up their business up their technical ass! And if you support the Facebook version of this kind of app, that’s an absolute shame on you! But the product by Room, Inc isn’t the only existence, is it? There are also products similar to these that had existed in the past. The ones made by Microsoft, AOL, CompuServe, etc.

Perhaps, we should try out the original products and their good rip-offs when possible! That should give us, good product usage of them, not this unoriginal shit by Facebook! In fact, we don’t know what is Facebook’s next motive to us besides this app.


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