Beatmania IIDX Gameplay Report – October 15th

While I was spending my remaining coins on Gitadora, I was surprised by my club mentor like he just arrived in late afternoon. Perhaps, he and I were curious on how we played Beatmania IIDX along with our limits. The first limit is that I can attempt songs of up to Level 9. I actually Easy-Cleared some Level 10 songs in Hyper but those were from Spada Leggendaria in which Close The World and Ancient Scapes were the ones I cleared by luck. For his limit, he can attempt the songs of up to Level 10 and he’s at 8-Dan. I guess that he might have attempted Gigadelic in Hyper by then which is actually at Level 12. Unfortunately, another problem lies with the ending portions of the songs which have both scratch and key notes at the same time in a complicated way that we were not able to do. The one I saw as a serious killer on the internet was probably Rave Saves You from IIDX Pendual in Another difficulty. Some elements were taken from V but with scratch notes added were likely to be the one of the worse instances.

Eventually, I played Beatmania IIDX with him like three more times, going beyond of playing the same game three times and like my prediction that was correct, having 2-players require twice the 4 credits but it can be a serious waste of money if we fail the song together in the first or second stage.

Lastly, I thought that he retired from DDR like I saw him playing that again due to new songs in stores for him and needless to say, he came to the arcades dressed up in the KAC T-Shirt which might surprise many people watching him play the game knowing the fact that he took part in KAC the last time.


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