Windows 10 Technical Preview Controversy

While we anticipated the hell out of Windows 10, there might be some inaccuracies with the upcoming features of it that to me don’t seem to be parts of Windows 10 at all like they’re more like parts of Windows 9. In the Technical Preview, there may be a new Start Menu/Screen, Virtual Desktop, new IE, Cortana for Windows, new Notification Center, new desktop UI animation, new shadow for the desktop app windows, the change of color corresponding to the background or something and the change to the File Explorer layout. However, there may be a security controversy that turns this OS in technical preview form into Windows 9 Technical Preview as if some idiot wants to get his hands on whatever the users do in Windows 10 Technical Preview with the stupid backdoor/keylogging feature implemented. There may be wonders from people if this is the same for the previous OSes but if true, what were we beta-testing OSes for? Were our beta-testing opportunities the complete waste by then?

Also, there comes the new term, FUD or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, which is the business term the companies have been having for the sake of their stable business. Any inferior-ass technology in the company may ruin the business for us but this term also applies to everyone else. By security, even tech companies have been concerned about customers’ privacy being violated that they have to take time and need some technical resources and ideas to protect it. But by doing so, it can cause the cyber-criminals to use this protection level to get through without being detected based on whatever bad actions they do.

There was a news like that on Neowin but it was quickly taken down as it already attracted fears among the Windows beta-testers. Unlike Ubuntu nowadays where you can switch GUI to GNOME, KDE or whatever and remove Unity entirely, this is not the same for Windows 10 Technical Preview. If this keylogging thing is your concern, why do you want to beta-test that in the first place? You could have beta-tested other OSes instead although the better beta-testing opportunity nowadays will be the new Ubuntu OSes. Until then, we don’t know if the privacy critcisms have been addressed by Canonical for the new Unity. Once they have been addressed for the new Unity and that it is out in the future, we should be able to use it.

The motive for this controversy is to ensure that there should be some customers’ feedbacks sent to the company and we don’t know if Windows 10 is going to face the same disaster as what Windows 8 did. Definition purposes of Fast, Fluid and Smooth are broken, tons of advertisements are seen in various modern apps including the Xbox Dashboard, etc. What is highly protected by then? The extensions you have in your browser? The Onedrive and Outlook?


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