New Skype for Windows and Mac OSX

OK, a new version of Skype for Windows and OSX, you say? Well, this one’s for the desktop edition for Windows users and we don’t know if this app can switch to the modern UI version when in tablet mode, that is for some Windows 10 ability. There were some web browsers for Windows 8 in which you can switch between desktop and tablet modes with the use of the menus but it doesn’t seem to be automatic in hardware when switching in between modes like switching to laptop mode should automatically switch to the desktop version of the web browser from tablet version for instance.

This new version surely has the new UI but since this is the desktop version, is it that necessary to make the buttons even larger like that just for the sake of touchscreen? In fact, the app is highly comfortable for mobile devices like the phones and tablets as if they are multiple ways to use Skype and especially when you make phone calls with it. The new UI is surely the reflection to Microsoft today and especially that some of the services will be renamed as well such as Onedrive, Azure and even Intune. The word, Windows, will be discarded of course and it looks like the new logos consist of the four different squares in different colors with the Modern font just like the recent Microsoft logo.


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