Microsoft’s YouTube videos with stolen product keys in comments accidentally taken down

What’s up with the thoughts from the leakers and pirates? How could the same mistake happen to the upcoming Windows 10? Well, it’s not the first time Microsoft is trying to make sure that leakages of their products should not happen but things are backfiring even before the Technical Preview was announced for download in which there were already screenshots of what was going to be in between the Technical Preview and the next preview or perhaps the final version.

And in fact, this kind of piracy of prototype products has been going on for years regardless of whichever brand but when it comes to video games, things may have been that strict from the video game companies that they have been doing whatever they can to avoid leakage of their games by leakers but this is something the tech giants have been missing for years. There’s also the warning message on the bottom-right of the screen for the private prototype builds, that is, the builds being done and shown around the company premises and that they are not for public or other companies to use. Public prototype versions won’t have this message but the leakers have the guts to bypass that for the sake of piracy purposes.

Even if the products like Windows OSes have gone to the final stage which is RTM of course, it is still wrong to take product keys like that so that anyone can try them. The product keys should be bundled with every genuine copy of the product and especially that the products for business use should have the multiple licenses.

I have been beta-testing products and they surely have their own product keys that apply to specific builds only such as Windows 7 Beta that has its own beta product key and that exact same product key can be used by other beta-testers as well.

Then, moving on to the proper topic here based on what happened above. There have been illegal promotions in the YouTube comments regarding the stolen product keys in Microsoft’s official YouTube videos. It’s illegal and such usage has been done by the pirates and if anything bad happens, perhaps, the pirates are to blame. Out of the general reasons when it comes to reporting comments on YouTube, the only option I have been choosing is that I take stupid and useless troll comments for spams. Is there an option called “Piracy (something)” in the list that Microsoft could choose as part of the comment report? In fact, as there are so much kinds of comments that promote piracy, there may be too many to complain to YouTube like that but the thing is, the YouTube videos that belong to Microsoft were removed. If your YouTube account has three copyright complaints, that account will be banned.


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