Microsoft Keyboard for Android Wear

In fact, a standard virtual keyboard may be too big to fit in the small device like the smartwatch, not even the keypad may fit in as well. However, Microsoft has come up with such a solution in which you can write a letter or symbol as a way of entering stuffs on the virtual textbox entry in the smartwatch. It’s not as fast as as using the standard keyboard to type but the best way will be to use the voice command for the smartwatch. How do you like that? Using voice commands to do voice report or something on the smartwatch like a freaking hero or something? Why the hell are you writing or typing on the smartwatch when you can use the voice commands?

Perhaps, there should be the walkie-talkie kind of app for the smartwatches that will allow you to do this kind of voice communication but in the meantime, this is more or less the research experiment Microsoft has done for the Android Wear and only those with 320X320 resolution should be able to work. Now, how do we combine voice communication with text messaging? For whatever we say, it should be inputted as a text similar to having a voice command to search for something via Google Now, Siri and Contana but a virtual keyboard on Android Wear? Have they even seen the calculator watches? They should be unique for calculation but we may have to warn you that such kinds of watches like the smartwatches and calculator watches are disallowed when it comes to tests and exams.

Another handy thing I can imagine is the alarm feature for smartwatches and that it should sound quite modernized if you will.


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