Google buyout offer to keep Android open is declined

It’s not the first time that Microsoft was interested in Cyangenmod in which they could probably buy that company so that they could use this technology for their Ex-Nokia Android devices. It was a bad idea to acquire that in the first place as we don’t know what will Microsoft do next? Will the new Cyangenmod technology be supported exclusively on Nokia Android devices only by then and especially for the new Microsoft Android devices based on those? Minecraft would be multi-platform even if their makers were acquired by Microsoft but acquisition of Cyangenmod company is pretty much a bad idea in the first place. It seemed that Microsoft should be their partners to use Cyangenmod for their Nokia Android devices they’re holding so that they can use their own services and technology in those devices but the downside is that there won’t be Google bundled apps once those devices use the Cyangenmod OS that nobody may want to buy them.

Then, the recent news came in like Google decided to acquire Cyangenmod but it was declined. We don’t know what will Google do next but we suspect that their productivity actions can be even worse than what Microsoft is planning to do next. A rejection like this by Cyangenmod may be a good thing and despite having a nice partnership with OnePlus and other companies, it appears that OnePlus made things backfire with invitation system and anyone who wanted to buy that phone was kind of disappointed.


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