Discover, Bemani Ruins Event

Well, at least I have got enough preparation and time to anticipate in this on-going event that has been going on ever since the Beatmania IIDX Spada days this year. All you have to do is to keep on playing the specific games to get tons of stones needed to build the pyramid for those games you’ve played. Other games you don’t play will have their pyramids filled in a little bit. For me, I don’t play Pop ‘N Music, Reflec Beat, DDR, DEA and other Bemani spin-off games like Future TomTom and BeatStream. Perhaps, I don’t have interests in playing them or maybe those games are not available in Singapore. Also, the Bemani games that are not the main ones don’t have their own pyramids for unlocking certain songs. What they do though is to give you additional stone boosts but I don’t know if that’s going to help from playing Sound Voltex.

I actually have some goals of mine for Beatmania IIDX and especially for this event. The goal is to attempt as many Lincle, Tricoro and Pendual songs as possible as well as to unlock the remaining ones from Tricoro. The remaining ones left for Tricoro will be the Cafe De Tran songs and even then, certain songs from each event are seriously hard. They range from Levels 9 to 10 in Hyper difficulty and I can attempt up to Level 9. However, I had actually Easy-Cleared some Spada Leggendaria songs with Auto-Scratch On in Hyper and they were actually in Level 10 but there’s no way I can prove this to anyone unless I have the credit card to buy the E-Amusement Basic Course perhaps to see my play data on each song. Also, the Spada Leggendaria songs are still Paseli exclusive when it comes to anytime access.

Lastly, you will need to gain the alarm power points to unlock the three new songs that are playable in all the main Bemani games and especially that you need to awaken those statues related to those songs tons of times like they were already awakened two months ago so all is left now is to gain alarm power. It should be self-explanatory if you have enough time and I had already unlocked those three songs for future play.


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