Apple Carplay with Pioneer

Perhaps, you may be better off with the normal GPS systems as certain mobile apps can be seriously distracting while you drive if you don’t know what you’re doing. I guess that the Photos app may be kind of unncessary as it doesn’t provide you any driving information. It may be worse for you if you’re driving to certain location for the first time and the map won’t do any exact justice for you if you’re planning to drive to that location by car probably due to outdated or inaccurate information. In fact, certain places are damn near the train stations like they’re a few or several buildings away to your destination but this is like the Map online services from Google, Apple or even Bing are like playing a fool with you. Sure, the Apple Maps might be controversial back then that it was replaced with more accurate Google Maps but even then, irrevalent apps on embedded devices based on Android or IOS are seriously distracting and can be used to cause even more unexpected accidents on the road. Or better yet, don’t even think of connecting this thing to your IOS or Android device and using that mobile device at all while you drive.

The positive thing about this is that it has the Radio app, Siri, Music app, Maps app, etc. You want to make a call or answer the call, you can somewhat try it with the CarPlay although I don’t know if you can make a call with CarPlay alone without having to connect to your phone for the sake of that because we may expect a hands-free phone call lest you get distracted. Radio is fine in case you may need to hear the news or something just like the on-board car radio devices as well as the Siri which is the complete must for hands-free interaction. Music is fine and so is the Maps app. But what’s not fine is probably the Photos and Messaging apps which may cause some sort of distraction.

Now, it may seem that this kind of technoloy is limited to certain manufacturers so it is rare to find a car holding this inaccurate technology but still, the main focus as a driver is on proper driving without technical distractions whatsoever.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Apple

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