Windows 10 Technical Preview

Well, it may be a surprise that they might have changed the name to Windows 10 instead of 9 probably due to various reasons they have such as the existence of Windows 9x series OSes or maybe something else. It looks like another Windows OS I’m anticipating as long as the company has respected their consumers and followed their requests and at least, the company is listening. The Start Menu is back for the desktop and laptop users and the Start Screen is still intact for tablet users. The Modern apps have the title bar which may be easy to close but those are for tablet users and that they should be in full screen mode like always. Another neat feature is the virutal desktop which is similar to the one Mac OSX, Linux and other OSes have been using although having to add too much additional desktop workspaces is already unncessary. Just a few desktop workspaces and that will do. The next change regards the File Explorer whose layout is changed a little bit and that there will be no borders for the windows by default. Not to mention that there may be new animations and new effects.

Like Windows 8, this new OS is going to be everywhere, on tablets, laptops, desktops and even phablets and smartphones. The phablet and smartphone interface will be something like the one in Windows Phone but Xbox One having this new OS? We don’t know if they’re really doing OS right. If done right, there may be chances that it will be ported to other devices including the Xbox One with new DirectX technology.

Unfortunately, they forgot to mention the new IE, the new DirectX, Cortana for Windows and other stuffs and that the conference event was really a small one. We don’t know if the new Microsoft CEO approves this but it seems that the main fault with Windows 8 laid with Sinofsky, the man behind the product disaster as if Windows 8 and 8.1 are more suited towards tablet users but even then, it’s still a disastrous mix. If Windows 10 for tablets ditches the desktop mode entirely, that’s a good thing. If Windows 10 for desktops and laptops with no touchscreen has only the legacy ones, that’s also a good thing as long as it doesn’t have the modern apps in there. But unfortunately, we’re not sure if they may end up following the same disaster with Windows 10 or something as Windows Phone to a surprise is already in the right direction.

And what else Microsoft needs to work on? Ah, the backdoors! They may need to make sure that those backdoors are all completely gone if they want to make this OS more fast, fluid and smooth as Windows 8 is already plagued with all kinds of disasters that it breaks the purpose of being that fast, fluid and smooth in the first time.


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