Strikers 1945 II for IOS and Android

The previous mobile versions were technically fine until the recent version started to lag on my Android device that it may be unstable enough that it may end up shutting itself down, back to the home screen as it may be unresponsive. It’s kind of annoying when the apps and the later versions of the previous apps are released in the future and you’re using them in your older device and hence this kind of annoyance. Perhaps, I may need to buy the new IOS and Android devices but they may be kind of expensive and cheap-ass Android devices may be technically inferior but the superior ones may be expensive as hell. It may be a difficult decision as of today on which Android device to buy at this moment due to the price and other stuffs.

So, we got like 4 loops as I believed from the previous version of the game ported to IOS and Android but the real challenge laid from further stages in Normal difficulty with the Professional difficulty starting to be almost on par with the arcade version. Master difficulty is sort of like Loop 2 of the arcade version or maybe Loop 1.5. On the recent version, the game’s divided into four difficulties but each one has one loop instead so be glad about that. Not to mention that you get additional red emeralds for higher difficulty you choose. Downside is that it costs golds and it is more difficult than usual, even if you have your partner ship along which is kind of handy although it has different behavior than the one in Caladrius Blaze’s Synchro Mode.

The title screen music is based on the song from one of the stages and its arrangement is nicer but it’s the only arrangement you can find on the app.

Downsides of the game regard the way your ship fires and having to waste more golds just to unleash more bombs at the last resort. What the hell, that’s kind of stupid to waste additional virtual money on unleashing more bombs when you have run out of them. That defeats the purpose of the arcade shmup gaming. You should have treated this game as the arcade game as it was originally released in the arcades in the 90s as stated in the game’s description, not the mobile game. Another problem is the mis-coloration of one of the bosses and some of the backgrounds are missing compared to the arcade counterpart. The console version problem regards the pixellation of the sprites and the slowdowns that kick in for some of the stages.

This is developed and published on the same mobile platforms by the same company that publishes and develops Sengoku Blade on the same platforms. Sure, things are entirely in Korean language but you should be able to get through the language barrier to get this game from the app store.


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