Beatmania IIDX Pendual – Chrono Seeker (Controversial event?)

The event started yesterday and that day was also Ryu’s birthday and thus some of his songs displayed in the daily featured song section in player information. The concept is sort of like Legend Cross from Beatmania IIDX Tricoro where you need the crystal shards to unlock the songs. Unfortunately, without the proper information about this, there’s no way to get additional ideas on how to get those crystal shards. You should be able to get them by attempting those boss songs.

The first time I saw more of Chrono Seeker event was probably from the local arcades where I was standing in front of the machine, attempting to understand what was going on. You’re at the arcades, moving on to the IIDX machine to play it, only to find the power going off. Then, moving on to the club and you’re ready for the party to kick in and all of the sudden, the power goes off, everything is frozen in time as if the time stops. When that happens, you encounter the two new characters representing present and future. They talked something about some energy as well as the fairy thing which I could barely understand. Also, the intro story was damn long like it’s going to last you about 5-10 minutes. People were like watching me going through this while intending to play other games but they couldn’t bother to understand what’s going on from all the visual novel thingy as it’s entirely in Japanese. If this is the Asian release, why can’t they translate everything like they already did with Dance Evolution Arcade, Future Tom Tom, etc? It doesn’t have to be westernized that way, knowing that it’s an Asian release. Lastly, the result screen doesn’t do shit or something but you’re supposed to collect those crystal shards during the game itself.

The next part is the controversial thing about this event. One of the boss songs has the extremely indecent looking boss that ruins the series for me. The bosses from IIDX Tricoro events looked fine but this makes IIDX Pendual look like a CERO C or D all because of that song. What were they thinking? Maybe someone should bring a cover or something that covers the BGA section without covering anything else. Another problem is the BGM glitch where the event story BGM never stops no matter screen you’re in. It’s noisy as hell and it ruins your playing but I was lucky not to have encountered this bug. It’s someone else who has encountered it but it looks like he’s not the only one. Maybe there should be a patch that address this problem but even then, this event is controversial and so is some of the boss songs.


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