Xbox One in China update

Due to the previous situations that occured at Microsoft China like their offices raided for unknown reasons probably due to the fact that Microsoft is the US based company and that the entire globe isn’t happy about what’s going on nowadays like privacy invasion, corruption and so on, it seems that the Xbox One launch was delayed in China. The Playstation 4 that will be launched there should have lesser problems but then, there are already newer conditions once these consoles have been launched.

The different way is that all the games for Xbox One will be released as digital downloads perhaps to reduce piracy or something but the thing is, retail or digital, there is still vulnerability that the game data can still be extracted or something for modification and then the game can be resold like that in China. Another problem is that the retail sales of the games may be really costly compared to digital in which the console gaming in China will do. Perhaps, there should be some different file formats that strengthen the games and protect them from whatever illegal modding so that the games can look as genuine as ever. Last problem is regarding the target audience. Is the game the M game which may feature lots of realistic looking but fictional violence in those games? It may already matter in some other countries where certain games will not be sold there due to indecent contents. There may be some petition to bring those games there but there’s no guarantee on how the gamers will be affected in a bad way like that.

Lastly, it seems that the Xbox One will be released in September 29th in China unless some situation kicks in again unexpectedly at Microsoft China that may piss everyone off.


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