DuckDuckGo blocked in China

Great Firewall of China again! This and the extreme product piracy what are you don’t like in China. Perhaps, the genuine products are highly expensive to buy in China and it’s already true that import products are already that expensive to buy if you have found ones in your country. This time, it appears that things are getting strict again with the Great Firewall of China that local services are the reasons to get around this problem and they are already that popular in China. Bad news is, DuckDuckGo is the next target to be blocked in China perhaps it may be made in US of course but the next problem is, when will there be a China OS in the future? There are already China made products and especially for the products made there but belong to the US-based manufacturers.

Other US search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing are also blocked in China but you should be able to believe that the Chinese can keep on using the local search engines and services like Baidu, Sina, etc.


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