Caladrius Blaze casual game for mobile devices

For whatever reason to keep the business going, MOSS had decided to make a simple casual game based on Caladrius for mobile devices. You just move the ship left and right and the projectiles are coming downwards from the top of the screen and you simply have to avoid them until you run into something that ends the game. It’s kind of way too simple I guess but that is not going to give them tons of money due to how too short the replay value can be. At least, for Donpachin by Cave may offer the proper shmup gameplay but the annoying thing is that the game never ends. It has like endless amounts of levels similar to other casual games by King where there are already hundereds of levels in stores for you so who wants to play such a game with too much levels?

Before Raiden III, IV or any other shmup by MOSS, there were already previous games developed by that company in the 90s and early 2000s and there were already some shmup games developed by that same company in the 90s as well such as Macross Plus shmup for the arcades for example.


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