Apple Watch – Security of health data

Wait, what? Privacy concerns regarding health data in the tiny mobile devices like the Apple Watch? Good concern but what about the fucking Android Wear and other mobile devices that hold the health records, then? And what is Google doing nowadays to their customers when it comes to security?

In fact, it may seem that the Attorney General is concerned about this but we don’t know what is his motive when it comes to privacy implementations. Will that fix the fact that the Apple Watch won’t betray customers like what the Xbox One Kinect promises not to? If that device is not going to betray the hell out of you thanks to his motives, perhaps, that’s the good thing for him but then, there are already controversies caused by this upcoming device similar to the controversies of the Xbox One console and its Kinect.

That is the first controversy of this upcoming Apple iWatch but the second one results in the possibility of the accident due to so much distraction caused by it while driving. The same controversy can also happen to Android Wear and the embedded Android Car technology, if not, the other smartwatches as well. Maybe whatever smartwatch should be BANNED IN VEHICLES for the drivers! And of course, we don’t know how the embedded Android car devices will work without causing whatever accidents. They may be twice as worse than smartwatches alone since you will need your Android device to be connected to those devices.


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