Xbox games on your browser?

What the hell? This is unspeakably complicated and breaks the purpose of playing console games on the game consoles compared to Steam which is the PC gaming service! Why put in the cloud gaming thingy with the power of Xbox Live service that can be played in the browser? Can you imagine how the browser is accessed in multiple types of devices? Sure, Remote Desktop technology for gaming can be equivalent to Sony’s Remote Play for the PSP, PS Vita when connected to PS3 or PS4 but this is not direct remote gaming for Xbox consoles. Xbox Smartglass may or may not use the internet connection to control the Xbox 360 or Xbox One console but I guess that basic local networking should be enough for remote controls. Other than that, it’s kind of pointless compared to Remote Play which is a popular move nowdays like you can use your PSP or PS Vita as the second controller or secondary display. It may be before the Wii U existed with similar ideas but the similar ealier idea laid with the DS and 3DS where you can make use of the bottom screen to do easy commands with the touch controls to interact with what goes on the top screen whereelse on the Wii U, you use the Gamepad to do the same thing and the same goes for the Remote Play feature for PS Vita when connected to the PS3 or PS4.

And imagine this for the Xbox side. Having to use mouse and keyboard for Xbox remote gaming purposes is kind of fucking stupid and especially when using the virtual controller on the device running Xbox Smartglass. How complicated this can be? Playing console games on the browser as cloud gaming may spell trouble for the Xbox series consoles themselves! At least, they should use cloud gaming technology for Xbox One by having Xbox 360 games playable on that thing only! That is something Microsoft should do where-else Sony’s already planning the Playstation Now service that will allow you to play Playstation 3 games on the Sony Smart TVs, PS4, etc. provided that you have the game controller suited but PS3 games on the Vita and Vita TV? Why can’t you use the Remote Play instead to make things easier? Downside is the overall price, of course for the Sony side but for the Xbox side, it may be something Microsoft lacks and especially when there are no portable game consoles produced by them.

But be lucky that this is one of these research experiments conducted by Microsoft and there are other researches done by them to see if one of these can be used. This one’s not perfect and the problem that has been keeping people concerned of is the lag when it comes to cloud gaming. The worse thing is that OnLive doesn’t have enough interesting games available but turning the Xbox One or the entire Xbox Live service into the next OnLive is a no-no. The only appealing with the use of the cloud gaming is that certain Xbox One games make use of it and that the same technology can be used to contain Xbox 360 games to be played on that console.


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