Samsung Gear VR

Talk about limited support for the new Gear VR which is the same mistake as the one from the original Galaxy Gear. This one may seem to be less expensive than the Oculus Rift and it looks like you can buy the Gear VR instead in the first place once it’s out as the evil motherfuckers at Facebook are like going to screw up the Oculus Rift with some on-going stupidity of theirs. Sure, many people were interested in the Oculus Rift but then, it seemed that we were not able to drive Facebook away from this technology.

Then, there comes a problem when it comes to limited support for Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, it needs the Galaxy Note 4 to work or it may be completely useless. Useless? That is kind of technically bullshit compared to Oculus Rift! Also, a phone connected to the VR to play games? Well, that’s another bullshit Samsung had planned. They should have come up with the PC support for this thing meaning that the Gear VR can be connected to whatever PC to play, not phones or tablets as they may have like limited battery. Also, who wants to wear the Gear VR on the go. Won’t that make you look kind of suspicious in public?

Thanks for the more awful technical mistake like people should stick on to alternate VRs similar to the Gear VR and Oculus Rift.


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