Opera Mini for Windows Phone & Nokia X2 having Google services

As Nokia was purchased by Microsoft, anything related to Nokia will no longer be Nokia-ish piece by piece. The Nokia Windows Phones have the Nokia Xpress browser in addition to Internet Explorer and that Opera Mini will be the replacement. Also, it seems that the Nokia Android phones were done in a strange way that Microsoft added some Google services on them so that you can obtain more Android apps there while retaining Microsoft services and apps.

I don’t know if the Nokia Android phones will be discontinued after various milking done by Microsoft after the acquisition while retaining the Nokia Windows Phones as the active second-party products. After all, having to support Android devices published by Microsoft such as the Nokia Android phones is a strange move like it ruins the competition for us and besides, nobody imagines Google or Apple publishing Windows PCs manufactured and developed by other companies. No! Google supports first-party and third-party Android and Chromebook devices by hardware business, not PCs or Macs. Maybe there should be a Google booth in some IT event that showcases Android and Chromebook devices but not anything else.


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