New Privacy Checkup by Facebook

Ever since three years ago, it seems that we have been privacy violated by Fatbook/Devilbook or whatever name you may want to come up with against Facebook which is the original name. The new Privacy Checkup doesn’t seem to be kind of enough or something against this on-going situation but it solves the fact that people have been sharing the private posts on Facebook into publicizing the hell out of them without any consent. With this new Privacy Checkup feature, it should determine which posts of yours are private or not so that nobody else can see them. Obviously, it has been a problem taking place in Facebook pages you haven’t liked or the persons you have been following similar to Twitter like you can end up seeing their posts and then sharing some of the interesting ones without consent.

Speaking of Facebook pages, it seems that only the Administrators are able to post something related to the purposes of the pages but even then, there may be useless and spam comments on each post everywhere that they don’t have time to take those comments down.


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