Internet Explorer 12

OK, what do we have from there? The UI change that will look like Chrome itself and especially that the recent versions of Firefox surely look like it although in Firefox, you can change the UI layout back to the standard one like I already did by including the Menu Bar, Bookmarks Toolbar, etc. The top-left button of course is removed but the recent version of Chrome is like trying to copy the fuck out of Firefox UI by adding the menu on the top-right indicating your Google Account similar to the Account button in Windows Live Movie Maker.

In addition to the UI change, there will be extension support although we don’t know if this is gonna be like Chrome and Firefox in 100% as there is like limited extension support for IE today.

You know what pisses us off? The lack of tab animation when opening and closing and there’s no way to merge two windows into one by joining the lonely tab from one window into a window with multiple tabs in IE. Also, we don’t know what kind of new engine IE 12 is going to have in order to be on par with its rivals.


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