Sony EX110AP/Li Obtained

The Pokka Pulps earpiece I used was kind of inferior that I could hear other things outside it. And today, it seems that its wire was kind of defective and loose that one of the sides would not get the sound so I bought the new Sony EX110AP/Li earpiece as an urge to continue my personal work on music arrangements as well as to keep on rhythm gaming on the arcades and mobile devices.
The bass seems to be impressive but the volume may be sometimes too loud compared to other previous earpieces I used. The earpiece also has the Smart Key app that is suited for the Xperia phones. Just a press of a button from the earpiece and you get some various controls like controlling the call or the playback.

While buying this earpiece, I stumbled upon the new Samsung Galaxy devices with the unusual resolutions on display. Obviously, those kinds of resolutions were like for promotion or advertising or something but it turns out that those are for the Rear Camera with the actual screen resolution being the 1080p. It is the same for the new Samsung Galaxy Note I saw at Valore shop at Tampines Mall. So, how do we take such a photo in such kind of resolution with the rear camera? It may seem that the DSLR cameras are able to support this kind of resolution compared to the smartphones which still have yet to catch up.

I wasn’t sure about the gigantic resolution until I just found out that it was for the rear camera for those new Samsung Galaxy devices. Some of the new Sony Xperia are able to support 4K photo and video capture and the Sony Xperia X2 is the one that supports this UHD video capture.

So, after some research to fulfill this curiosity of the 4K resolution on the specs, it seems that those resolutions belong to one of the cameras of those smartphones, not the display resolution. Also, the display resolution is likely to be 1080p so for future photo and video viewing, a maximum of 4K is already supported compared to gaming which is still up to 1080p.


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