Otomedius in E-Amusement Cloud

It may be a nice opportunity for the fans of shmups in Japan to play the original Otomedius again in case they don’t have the game for the Xbox 360. Being in the E-Amusement Cloud which is arcade gaming on the cloud that is to be played on the web browser that makes use of the Paselis to play. That’s right, it uses the freaking Paselis if you want to play and trying to grind like that may take up more money to top up the Paselis in your E-Amusement pass. You will need your E-Amusement account if you want to gain access to the E-Amusement related portions of the game’s website as well as to play E-Amusement Cloud games. The only problem is that this service is in Japan only. No Asian version, nothing else. It just makes use of the Paselis, not One Day One Free Play kind of thing unless some idiots may want to eat up your money inside your credit card just to play the games. We have already seen the news of someone eating up his father’s credit card money just to buy a bunch of boosts needed to clear the levels in various King games.
The disadvantage of the original Otomedius is that the game is too short due to having four to five overall stages. Darius Burst Another Chronicle has more of these although each run may be short by three-five stages depending on the game mode you’re in but at least, certain modes contain the huge amount of replay value that will keep you grinding. However, unlike other games on Taito Type X series systems, that doesn’t use the NESYS card whatsoever. The game may keep track on the various amount of challenges cleared by various players in the Chronicle mode. In Otomedius, the more you grind, the more cards representing the weapons you get and the higher the level you get. Try to get the best weapon combination though as the weapon combination in the sequel is kind of inferior. The Platonic Break is inferior compared to Platonic Burst and some of the Platonic Breaks are crap in the sequel. In the original Otomedius, you should be able to use the touch screen or the mouse feature to align the crosshairs on where do you want to attack.
Another problem in the original Otomedius is that it is missing the stages the Gorgeous mode has for extended replay value with the arcade version elements and therefore, the grinding mechanic can be boring if you don’t know what you’re doing. In fact, you will need the right character with right weapons for right combination for specific stages because making the wrong combination will get your ass kicked.


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